New Downtown Parking Plan Effective November 1st, 2018


Parking in Beverly


Employees of downtown Beverly businesses are eligible to purchase parking permits in monthly, quarterly and annual increments for their personal vehicles. These permits will allow employees to park in the public parking lots and in the residential “red zone” areas within the downtown Beverly parking district. The downtown Beverly businesses that are eligible to purchase a parking permit are located in the gray shaded areas on the Employee Parking Map. Businesses and/or employees are required to create a parking account and apply for their permit online using the Parking Portal. Please read below for more details about Downtown Business Parking Permits. To apply for a permit, use the “Get A Permit” button below.

Gray = eligible for a business permit Red/Blue = business permit parking

Gray = eligible for a business permit
Red/Blue = business permit parking

Business Parking Permits

  • Downtown business permits allow employees of Beverly businesses unlimited parking in the public parking lots and in the red zone af the Downtown Beverly Parking District.

  • Downtown business permits are nonrefundable.

  • Downtown business permits do not allow for unlimited parking anywhere else in the downtown parking district.

    • If you have a business permit and park in on-street parking (green or purple zones), during enforcement hours, you must pay for your parking at an on-street pay station.

  • The public lots are displayed in blue and the red zone is displayed in red on the Downtown Parking Map.

  • The red zone is clearly marked on downtown streets with red parking signs that read “4 Hour Parking / Except by Permit”.

  • Downtown business permits are available for purchase in monthly ($25), quarterly ($75) and annual ($300) increments.  

    • Annual downtown business permits are valid from January 1st to December 31st each year.

    • Partial month, quarter and annual permit purchases will be pro-rated. 

  • Parking spots are available on a first come first serve basis.

    • A downtown business permit does not guarantee any particular parking spot at any particular time.

  • Parking permits are issued electronically and are linked to the license plate number of the vehicle. Paper permits are not available.

  • Downtown business permits must be re-purchased before their expiration date in order for the permit to remain active.

  • Guest parking passes are not available for employees of downtown businesses.

  • Proof of eligibility is required when purchasing a business permit.

    • Proof of eligibility attachments may include a City of Beverly Business Certificate, a Limited Liability Company (LLC) Certificate of Organization, or a paystub from a recent pay period - including your name and the name of the downtown business where employed.

  • For additional assistance purchasing your Downtown Business Parking Permit, please visit the Parking Clerk on the first floor of City Hall.