New Downtown Parking Plan Effective November 1st, 2018


Parking in Beverly


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Multi-space paystations, or kiosks, are located on downtown Beverly sidewalks and in the public lots as a means to pay for parking. The paystations offer multiple ways to pay including credit cards, debit cards and quarters. If you pay using quarters, you will be able to purchase on-street parking in 20 minute increments, however if using a credit card, a minimum parking time of 1 hour for on-street parking ($0.75/hour) and 3 hours for public lot parking ($0.25/hour) is required. (Please leave your credit card in the slot until prompted by the paystation to remove it.)

The paystations use License Plate Recognition (LPR) technology. Payments made at the kiosk will be connected to your parked vehicle’s license plate number. This means that customers will be expected to remember and correctly enter the license plate of the vehicle they are parking when paying at the paystation.

If you park on the street in downtown Beverly, you can pay at any on-street paystation along the way, you do not have to pay at the paystation closest to your vehicle. However, if you park in a public lot, you must pay at the paystation in the public lot. Customers who park in a public lot and pay at an on-street kiosk, and vice versa, may receive a citation.